Arska's Prediction League
Predictions for any match will open 28 days before kickoff. You can change you prediction up until the advertised kick off. Predictions close at this time. Should a mistake be made and actual kickoff time differs from displayed kickoff time, then the earlier kick off time will be closing time. If the displayed kick off time is after the actual kick off time, then all predictions made after the actual kick off will be removed. If the displayed kick off time is earlier than the actual kick off time then the displayed kick off time shall stand. Every effort is made to make sure that actual kick off times are honoured. However, if a kick off is delayed then the advertised kick off time will stand. There is very little I can do to adjust kick offs in these circumstances, and it is unfair on those who predicted in plenty of time, to allow last minute predictions and changes to take place when a match is delayed.
All match results are take after normal play (90 minutes + injury time). For games that go into extra time or penalties, the result that is used is the score when the whistle is blown at the end of the second half. Prediction league results will, therefore, occasionally differ from actual results.
The table is sorted in the following order (biggest to smallest unless specified): Total, No of Scores, Points per game (smallest to biggest), No of Results, No of Home Scores and finally display name.
If a match is postponed then all predictions carry forward to the rearranged date and time. You will be able to change your prediction up until the rearranged kickoff time.
Late Fixtures
Occasionally, matches are arranged at short notice, this is particularly true of cup replay fixtures. It is not always possible to give the advertised 28 day window for predictions. Arska's prediction league accepts no responsibility for the arrangement of fixtures. If a replay is scheduled for 3 days after the original match then no liability shall accrue to the website or it's owners as a result. Football match arrangements are outside of the control of the owners of this site and they cannot be held responsible for the arrangement of these. All efforts are made to make sure that details of matches and kickoffs are correct. The owners of this site accept no responsibility for any mistakes made in compiling these lists.
At the moment, the only rewards for winning the APL (Arska's Prediction League) are kudos and bragging rights. There is no fee charged for participating and no monetary prize is available. Should this change in the future, I will, of course, inform you. The site reserves the right to charge participants for entry, providing that a suitable monetary prize becomes available. Should opportunity arise, it may also be possible to offer a prize assuming that suitable advertising revenue can be raised to cover the cost.